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Analisis Keputusan Peperiksaan Akhir Semester 200320042

Mengandungi analisa terhadap subjek yang diambil oleh pelajar bagi semester 200320042 dengan secara lalai (default).

Did You Know?

Interesting and little-known facts both about high tech and other topics.

Task Reference Roundup

Contain a bulleted list of steps showing a generic way to accomplish activities that are especially important or significant.

Another Way and Another Word

Another Way is a highlighted feature providing a bulleted list of steps to accomplish a task, or best practices that is, a better of faster way to accomplish a task such as pasting a format onto an Excel cell. Another Word, another highlighted box, briefly explains more about a topic or highlights a potential pitfall.

Making the Grade

Short answer questions.


Making the Grade answers.


A list of technical or special words, explaining their meanings.


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